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Sky contact telephone number: 0844 995 95 95

The Sky phone number menu options are:

Sky customer services helpline opening times: To be confirmed

This website is not affiliated with any of the companies listed. The 0844 995 95 95 number provided by this connection service is an alternative contact telephone number for Sky UK. Calls to this number will be charged at 7 pence per minute including VAT plus your phone company's access charge Basic rate telephone number and other contact details for Sky UK are likely to be found at Sky website and in the public domain.

Sky contact line in most cases will play automated message first, asking caller to enter his/her home number on telephone keypad. If caller does nothing, system will wait for few seconds and ask again. After second timeout standard menu will be present. There seems to be no way to skip past number entry prompts for now by pressing # or *, callers just have to wait a bit to get the call to progress further if they do not want to enter their phone number for whatever reason

Sky is an outstanding company which since 1998 has been specialized in supply of entertainment of television and radio. Since foundation it guarantees high quality installation of satellite, terrestrial and cable TV. It is always looking for new ways to improve your life and make it brighter. Based on the experience of highly skilled staff, Sky offers only the latest offers and solutions that are connected with TV services. The channels with great picture quality and sounds are distributed within UK and Ireland. Constantly striving to the new heights, Sky nurtures only trust and respect in working environment. Today, Sky's products are a guarantee of quality that will improve and make life easier. The company is proud to be a leader in providing telecommunications services.

Sky tries not only to represent the quality of services, but also constantly updates the wide range of equipment with the development of modern technologies. Every week it is pleased to offer you free cinema tickets. Further information you can know via the official Sky website. The company aims no only to develop new and innovative products but the main mission is to create new lifestyle of the XXI century. Sky wants to suggest you a range of channels that include themes about living, movies, news, sports, art plus many more. Sky Talk will help you to communicate with your family, close people or friends at any time of day or night. TV Guide is dedicated to help you to find what you need as soon as only possible and to set your Sky.

The team of professionals is able to implement your dream and needs in reality. Knowledgeable experts will provide quality advice and detailed information about all services and products. Sky gives you a wonderful possibility to spend weekends with family and treat yourself with fascinating films. Please be assured you will never regret you have connected your life with this company. A TV is a part and parcel of your life, because you can be in the centre of important events that are in your country or world. If you have spare time, you may listen to music, watch video or movies.

Sky cares about comfort of all clients and tries to respond to all your requests and questions. Pleasant staff will answer all your questions and doubts you may have. Apart from it, you are able to get in touch online and via email. Sky team aims to respond as soon as possible. You will get advice and information online that will help you make the right choice without any doubts.

Sky free phone number :

Sky 0800 customer service number :

Sky alternative phone number :

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